2016 Blue Jays Projections: Troy Tulowitzki

Jays From The Couch looks at the projections for Blue Jays short stop Troy Tulowitzki entering the 2016 season.

Acquired during the whirlwind July 31st trade deadline, Blue Jays short stop Troy Tulowitzki didn’t match the expectations some had for him at the plate with a line of .229/.317/.380, 22K%, .268BABIP. This was arguably one of Tulo’s worst stretches of his career, and it was duly noted (see Sportsnet.ca article) that he felt a bit betrayed by the Colorado Rockies about the trade and felt uncomfortable working his way into the Blue Jays’ chemistry. “You know what, and this is just being completely honest, it’s tough for me now to trust anybody in this game after what happened. I’m sure these guys (Blue Jays Staff) are great here. But at the same time, with what happened, it’s really tough.”

It’s easy to look at trades/the numbers and see who won and lost the trade, but you can’t forget the human element of a trade. Troy was drafted by Rockies, worked through their system to become the face of their franchise, signed a 10 year contract, and that was all swept away in one night. Moving his family, his life, there’s no wonder why he struggled. “I’m excited to go to spring training and get a fresh start with the team and be with these guys for a whole year and not have to worry about trade talks and all that. The last three or four years I had to worry about it and talk about it every single day in Colorado. So, I’m looking forward to having a year where I don’t have to talk about it. It’s going to be great.” Blue Jays fans have yet to experience the full Troy Tulowitzki experience, the five time All-Star, two time Gold Glove and Silver Slugger Award winner, and he has finished multiple times in the top five voting for National League MVP. Tulowitzki is surely going to bounce back this season at the plate, with him being more comfortable with the Blue Jay atmosphere.

Even though his offence wasn’t jaw dropping, his defence was an automatic upgrade for the Blue Jays compared to Jose Reyes who was involved in the Tulowitzki trade.

Jose Reyes99616-6.6-80.5-1.5
Troy Tulowitzki1025.

The two shortstops were not even comparable on defence, and Tulowitzki’s impact on defence was felt immediately with his range on the field and his stellar arm.

As we focus on projections, we will look at how Tulowitzki is projected to perform at the plate this upcoming season. We should take into account that, we are still unsure where Tulo will be placed into the batting order. If he becomes the leadoff hitter, compared to potentially batting in the fifth or sixth, his numbers will definitely change depending on where he is placed. Projections don’t take into effect the big changes Tulowitzki has put into his swing this offseason.

The addition of the Josh Donaldson/ Jose Bautista-esque leg kick could be huge for Tulowitzki entering next year. The leg kick will help Tulowitzki shift his weight better through his swing, hopefully adding more power to his bat. With great swing mentors helping Tulowizki out, there’s no doubt that this change shouldn’t go unnoticed, and boost some of his power numbers, especially the average projected 19 homers.

Marcel (BBRef)505741302168.291.317.493NA
Average Projection498661181964.271.329.4593.2

Take projections how you want, they don’t account for the changes Tulowitzki has made to his swing, or his outlook of his new team. As noted by Blue Jays first basemen Chris Colabello, in an interview this week with Fan 590’s Bob McGowan, “You’re gonna see the best version of Troy Tulowitzki this season. He’s hungry, and he’s now around guys he’s starting to get comfortable with.” This was Tulo’s challenge last season, and now it seems like Troy is ready to show us his full potential.





Spencer Redmond is a Graduate of the University of Wisconsin. His loves in life are the NBA, MLB, Stats, and his dog Parker.

Spencer Redmond

Spencer Redmond is a Graduate of the University of Wisconsin. His loves in life are the NBA, MLB, Stats, and his dog Parker.