Toronto Blue Jays: Twitter Chaos Follows Ryan Goins Trade Speculation

If Twitter has a useful purpose, it didn’t show last night as many Toronto Blue Jays fans fell into despair on the mere suggestion that Ryan Goins might have been traded




In case you missed it, Twitter erupted into an orgy of sentimental despair last night on superficial speculation that the Toronto Blue Jays had traded Ryan Goins. It was crazy, and it made absolutely no sense.


With MLB’s waiver trade deadline arriving today, Goins was pulled from the field in yesterday’s Buffalo Bisons game in the top of the sixth inning. This was immediately and widely interpreted to mean the Blue Jays were about to trade the 28-year old infielder. From here, virtual chaos ensued.


There were essentially two types of reaction to the trade speculation: the melodramatic and the unfathomable.


The first type of reaction was the more common one, and it saw real, presumably mature people denounce their support of the Blue Jays at the mere thought of trading Goins. These fans went through all seven stages of grief in less than 140 characters, moving from disbelief to bargaining, anger to acceptance in clumsy fashion.


This is the same Goins, I remind you, who’s a career .224 hitter with a .271 OBP. The defence is there – no one doubts that – but Goins is far from a complete player, and I hesitate to call him an impact utility player. That we can have endless fun with his last name is perhaps the only truly notable thing about Goins. (In other words, I wouldn’t trade a Ford Pinto for Goins.)


It’s the hard truth, and it isn’t Goins away.


The other type of reaction focused on who the Blue Jays might acquire in exchange for Goins. A veteran bullpen arm? A low- to medium-range prospect? A steadier left-handed bat?


No, many people were convinced that Goins could land the Blue Jays a Joey Votto or a Yasiel Puig. Even supposedly knowledgeable and authoritative people partook in this nonsense – people who should know better.


I shouldn’t have to say this, but Votto and Puig occupy a whole different universe of talent and serviceability when compared to Goins. The accompanying suggestion that Votto and Puig are somehow comparable returns for Goins is equally bizarre. This isn’t a case of 1A or 1B for Goins (a 3D?). If Goins for Puig seems unrealistic, then there’s no point in even pretending to consider Goins for Votto. It just isn’t Goins to happen.


Despite the uproar, the trade talk ultimately proved moot. Goins was pulled so that the Blue Jays could call him up today to replace Darwin Barney, who’s left the team for personal reasons. See, there was a sensible explanation after all.


For the sake of Twitter and the sanity of Jays fans everywhere, I sure hope the Bisons don’t sit Dalton Pompey tonight. Pandemonium would ensue, but we might get ourselves a Bryce Harper or a Mike Trout in return.












As a long-time Jays fan, I’ve invested more time in bad baseball than a sane person would allow. Fortunately, I was finally rewarded with some post-season action last year! This year?

William Wilson

As a long-time Jays fan, I’ve invested more time in bad baseball than a sane person would allow. Fortunately, I was finally rewarded with some post-season action last year! This year?

  • Arjonn

    Pompey for Puig? :p

    • shaun doyle

      I know you’re joking, but….

  • Quincy-Sam

    Chance of Goins being traded today. 1%. He’s under contract and control and a desirable depth piece going into the playoffs. But contrary to the opinions of some he does have limited trade value. But probabloy worth more to the Jays right now.

    Chance of Jays getting Puig today. 0%. He was claimed by what is believed to be an NL team far higher up the list than the Jays. We should find out today who got him or whether the Dodgers pulled him off waivers.

    Chance of Jays getting Votto today. 1%. While I might put the Jays as the most likely destination of contending teams due to his being a left handed at bat with a high BA and some power, it would be hard to imagine Reds eating enough money, taking Smoak in the deal, keeping the prospect cost low, or Akins having the desire to win over some long term planning. Maybe a target should EE goes elsewhere this off season, but not today. But just for the fun of it, I will check the rumors all day today as I have been wrong before.

    I will be shocked if Akins does anything today.