Toronto Blue Jays News: Ryan Goins (& Tom Koehler) Non-Tendered, Trade Takes Place!


The Toronto Blue Jays have made decisions on the future of Ryan Goins and Tom Koehler; both become free agents and the club pulls off a trade


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The Toronto Blue Jays have made their offseason picture a little more clear by making decisions not to tender contracts to two. Ryan Goins and Tom Koehler will not be given contracts based on their current rate of pay.



MLBTR predicted that Goins would see a salary bump to $1.8M while Koehler was expected to hit $6M. In the case of Goins, he can still be brought back to Toronto if a deal can be worked out with the team. If that happens, one has to expect it would be for much less than the nearly $2M that MLBTR expects.


Whether it is a minor league deal that awaits Goins on the open market remains to be seen. He has been the subject of two completely different points of view in Blue Jays Land. On the one hand, Goins has his fair share of support. On the other, you have people who would say that the support is more like blind love given how the 29 yr old has performed during his five seasons in Toronto. In five seasons, he has totaled just 1.9 fWAR. ~2 fWAR divided by 5 seasons is…not good.


Standard Batting
2013 25 34 121 11 30 5 0 2 8 2 28 .252 .264 .345 .609
2014 26 67 193 14 34 6 3 1 15 5 42 .188 .209 .271 .479
2015 27 128 428 52 94 16 4 5 45 39 83 .250 .318 .354 .672
2016 28 76 196 13 34 9 2 3 12 9 48 .186 .228 .306 .534
2017 29 143 459 37 99 21 1 9 62 31 96 .237 .286 .356 .643
5 Yr 5 Yr 448 1397 127 291 57 10 20 142 86 297 .228 .275 .335 .611
162 162 162 505 46 105 21 4 7 51 31 107 .228 .275 .335 .611
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Generated 12/1/2017.

Goins has provided years of very little offense for the Blue Jays, hitting a career .228. Instead he’s been most known for his glove work. Some would call him a Gold Glove caliber defender, which miiiiiight be a bit of an overstatement, but there is no doubt that his value has come from his defense. Goins has chipped in some first base, some third, some outfield, but mostly in the middle infield. He even pitched once, which landed him on the DL.


It is rather interesting that Goins has been non-tendered given the current discomfort with the Blue Jays middle infield depth. Devon Travis and Troy Tulowitzki are unknown commodities when you talk about playing time. The next player on the depth charts would have been Ryan Goins. Now, it looks like recently acquired Gift Ngoepe is the next guy up. You could include Richard Urena on that list, but he is likely not ready for regular playing time at the big league level. If one were to read into this, one could assume that there are plans in the works that make Goins redundant. Or, it could simply mean that the Blue Jays are not about to pay almost $2M for what Goins brings to the table.


UPDATE: The Goins decision could also mean that a trade was in the works:


Aledmys Diaz comes over from the Cardinals. He’s a 27 year old shortstop who hits form the right side.


Standard Batting
2016 25 111 460 71 121 28 17 65 41 60 .300 .369 .510 .879 AS,RoY-5
2017 26 79 301 31 74 17 7 20 13 42 .259 .290 .392 .682
2 Yr 2 Yr 190 761 102 195 45 24 85 54 102 .283 .338 .461 .799
162 162 162 649 87 166 38 20 72 46 87 .283 .338 .461 .799
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Generated 12/1/2017.


Diaz was an All Star in 2016 and finished 5th in Rookie of the Year voting. His bat didn’t quite continue in 2017, as his power seems to have dropped off along with his average. He comes with five more years of team control. If you’re wondering, he has some experience playing second, third and the outfield, but the bulk of his time has been at short.


Acquired from Miami this past summer, the Blue Jays took a chance to see if Tom Koehler could be a guy to provide them some form of depth. It didn’t really work out that way. 2017 saw Koehler toss a total off 100 underwhelming innings between AAA and the big leagues. Walking 10.5% and holding a FIP of 6.05 is not exactly going to make a team jump at paying $6M. He very well could be AAA pitching depth, but he will be hard pressed to make $6M doing so.


Both of these players can still be back with the Blue Jays organization in 2018. Depth is important. But, if the Blue Jays are going to compete this coming season, they can’t be using their resources to keep this kind of depth. Diaz may signal the kind of depth the Blue Jays are looking for.





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