Jays Nest Podcast: Ep 54: Blue Jays 2016 Expectations

Episode 54 of the Jays Nest Podcast brings you a look at expectations for the Toronto Blue Jays in 2016.

This week’s episode of the Jays Nest Podcast brings you your usual weekly chat between myself and my co-host, Keegan Matheson who is now Senior Editor at Jays Journal. Oddly, in a quiet time, there were a number of points for discussion in this episode. From manager, John Gibbons‘, contract option for 2017 triggered to fluff rumors of two sluggers catching the eye of Bean Town, there is definitely some good discussion to be had. But, the highlight is the idea of there being pressure on club management as they head into the 2016 season. We also took a reader question.

In This Week’s Episode:

  • Whoever negotiated Gibby’s contract is a genius. Sicne he was not fired on Jan 1, his 2017 option was picked up. We look at the way Gibby is seen and the contributions he brings to the Blue Jays.
  • There has been talk lately that the Boston Red Sox could be eyeing one of Edwin Encarnacion or Jose Bautista to step into the DH role when David Ortiz retires at the end of 2016. While it is really just fluff stuff floating around, we explore this idea a little bit and look at it as a logical fit.
  • We moved into the pressure that the Blue Jays organization faces as they proceed to defend their 2015 AL East title. Of course, there are different types of pressure and the club may to necessarily be bend to any of it.
  • We also took a reader question about a possible free agent bullpen breakthrough candidate in 2016.


The Jays’ Nest Podcast- Talking Toronto Blue Jays – Jays’ Nest #54- Blue Jays 2016 Expectations


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