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As we get closer and closer to the start of the 2016 baseball season, the Toronto Blue Jays will begin to finalize their roster, etc…even if it feels like it is at a snail’s pace. Despite the value of speed, baseball is very much a marathon and not a sprint. So, as the time paces itself toward pitchers and catchers reporting, all we can do is wait. While we’re waiting, we follow the rumblings in Blue Jays Land. Here’s the latest:

Well, the moment we’ve been waiting for has come, apparently. The future of everyone’s favorite former GM, Alex Anthopoulos appears clear now. According to ESPN (via The Score), the Dodgers have brought AA in to their organization. The role is referred to “unspecified”, but that is really irrelevant. In this day and age in MLB, they can create any kind of name for just about any person. They can call him “Special Advisor to the King” for all it matters. The Dodgers will employ him to take advantage of his talents.

What is interesting is that those talents were only celebrated when they led to an AL East championship. It was just a few months before that that folks were calling for his dismissal. Funny what winning does. But, make no mistake, the Dodgers bringing him to LA is about his collective resume, not just the past couple of months. AA established himself among the top shelf front office people.

Jeremy Dorn of Today’s Knuckleball points out that the Dodgers are adding to a braintrust that already includes Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi, Josh Byrnes and Gabe Kapler. As Dorn points out, this gives the Dodgers several of the “most sought after names in baseball”.

In his mailbox post from a few days ago,’s Gregor Chisholm addressed the future of Dalton Pompey. He notes that it remains likely that Pompey stays with the club despite efforts to attain pitching help. And, that makes sense. If you look at it from a cost control stand point, Pompey is by far the cheapest and has the most years of control of any of the reasonable big league options.

But, with other options in front of him, Pompey can expect to start the year in AAA Buffalo. Which is why it looks like he mightn’t be a long term plan for the Blue Jays until 2017, which is what Dave Hill wrote at Jays Journal. Hill notes that unless there is injury, or an absolutely electric spring, Pompey is just further down the depth charts. Personally, I’m cheering for him…even though 2017 looks more likely.

According to a recent poll by Forum Research, the popularity of the Blue Jays is higher than for any other sports team in Toronto. Morgan Campbell of The Star tells us that the Blue Jays were chosen as the number one team by 28% of those polled. The poor Argos saw just 2%.

Now, some people complain about the “bandwagon fans” jumping aboard after the trade deadline. That seems kind of silly. Why do sports have to turn into a competition of who is a bigger fan and for longer? If we take a step back and look at the overall popularity of the team, we should be thrilled. Obviously, winning and making it to the post season draws more attention. Add to that, the oddest (and best) inning of dramatic baseball ever, an MVP, a Cy Young nominee and all of it makes sense. What we should be happy about is the attention the club has and will continue to garner south of the border.

Happy Birthday, Superman– Blue Jays outfielder, Kevin Pillar recently celebrated his birthday and Keegan Matheson over at Jays Journal shared a video highlight reel to celebrate. At 27, Pillar already has an extensive collection of jaw dropping catches that started with arguably his best: the wall climbing, home run robbing catch on Jackie Robinson Day. What is interesting is that he may have actually provided several more catches that were more difficult or more impressive. But, that one way back in May stands out as the best. Was it?

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