Questions I Would Love to Ask Blue Jays in Interviews

Here are some random questions that, if given the chance, I would ask members of the Toronto Blue Jays.

The folks who get to “cover” the Blue Jays on a regular basis, like Sportsnet’s Shi Davidi or Brendan Kennedy of the Toronto Star don’t know how good they have it. They are part of a small handful of reporters who get access to the clubhouse on regularly to ask the tough questions, or the ones we are all dying to ask.

Of course, with that access comes responsibility. they are not as free to ask whatever comes to their mind. They have a level of professionalism to uphold. And they do a great job of it. But, here at Jays From the Couch, I don’t have that to worry about. So, I thought I’d share with you the one (or two) question(s) I would ask members of the Toronto Blue Jays if given the chance. Let’s have some fun!

Russell Martin

JFtC: Russell, what would you have done if Brett Lawrie were your teammate? How would you attempt to share some of your zen-like-ness with him? Also, can you teach me to spit like you?

Imagine what it would have been like for the reasonably stoic Martin to share a clubhouse with the atomic bomb of energy that is Lawrie. We’ve heard how Mark DeRosa was a big influence on Lawrie when they were both in Toronto. Could Martin be the same kind of figure? Or, would he simply grow tired of the antics and ignore his fellow Canadian? It would be an interesting dynamic to watch.

Jose Bautista

JFtC: Jose, when you think back on that play in the 2015 ALCS when Lorenzo Cain scored all the way from first base, would you do anything differently? The broadcast at the time (we won’t say exactly who…) hinted that your throw into the infield wasn’t exactly the 100% correct move.

Now, in asking this question, I would also add a caveat (right before I assumed the fetal position) that it is the broadcast that employed Harold Reynolds, so it should be taken with that in mind. But, the throw in seemed a bit rushed, like there wasn’t a real objective other than getting it in as quickly as possible, which is fine. But, it is something that I’ve wondered: would he do the same thing again? There is nothing to be accomplished by actually asking him this, but it has been on my mind.

Kevin Pillar

JFtC: Think back to Jackie Robinson Day of 2015 and the wall catch you made. How much of you wanted to yell “In your face!” at all those who doubted you in the past?

Pillar is a player who had to have a year like he did last year to even be considered as an everyday option. Rather than a guy who will be “good enough”, he is now only one of two outfielders who have solidified their position. Aside form Bautista, Pillar is the only other one who looks to be guaranteed a spot. Even Ben Revere may not be starting in left field, depending on what happens the rest of the offseason.

Perhaps more than his catch, though, Pillar might be proud of his offensive performance. There were a lot of doubters this time last year. He proved them wrong, didn’t he? Though, that does bring up another question I would love to ask him: “How can you adjust to the low and away pitches that you can’t lay off of? Everyone knows you’re getting one…”

Devon Travis

JFtC: Will you come sing karaoke with me at my birthday party?

That is all.

John Gibbons

JFtC: Beer or whiskey?

Gibby’s laid back approach could be a signal that he is one of two types of people.The first type is that he is so chill and centered that only a fine whiskey can be seen in his hand. He could have the wise old owl thing going on. Or, he could be a “who gives a rat’s behind, let’s just enjoy the moment, YOLO” kind of guys. In which case, he’d be chugging back a cold one and belching with the best of them.

Josh Donaldson

JFtC: Seriously, what are you doing with your hair?

The whole undercut, mini man bun thing was interesting and unique, but this?! That’s gutsy.

Ben Revere

JFtC: Tell the truth. What was your reaction when you found out you’d been traded from the lowly Phillies? Did you even care where you were going?

Imagine being Revere when you get called into the office and told you were being taken from the club that barely resembled a MLB team. Would you be able to hold back a smile? You’d have to try and be professional, shake hands and thank people. But the “thank you” might have a little extra mustard on it in this case.

These are just some questions I would ask members of the Blue Jays. There are plenty more floating around. I’d love to hear some of yours. Feel free to leave them below.

*Featured Image Credit: Keith Allison-flickr-CreativeCommons

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