Jays Nest Podcast Ep57: Kawasaki, Saunders & More!

Episode #57 of the Jays Nest Podcast features discussion about the Toronto Blue Jays losing an infielder, the future of pitchers and an injury update.


Keegan Matheson joined me for another great Blue Jays chat this week. Episode #57 of the Jays Nest Podcast brings you some more great Toronto Blue Jays talk. We dig into the heart break of losing a utility infielder, which was more than necessary. We look into the options available to a couple young pitchers and where their future may take them. As well, we bring in a guest to discuss the injury Michael Saunders is recovering from. We ask him about the process of coming back from such an injury and about what we can realistically expect in 2016 from the outfielder. We also take a couple reader questions.


The Jays’ Nest Podcast- Talking Toronto Blue Jays – Jays Nest #57- Kawasaki, Saunders Injury & More!

In This Week’s Episode:

  • Blue Jays Land said goodbye to Munenori Kawasaki as he recently signed with the Chicago Cubs organization. Keegan and I discuss what the Blue Jays lost in his departure and what was behind his popularity in Toronto.
  • We dug into the future of Aaron Sanchez and whether 2016 might be his last chance to start. After trying him in the role last season and then moving him into the bullpen where he was very effective, how much longer are the Blue Jays going to keep insisting he’s a starter. We look at his stuff and where the club can get the most out of him.
  • A logical continuation of that conversation is the future of Drew Hutchison. We wonder if a move to the bullpen might be in his future for some of the same reasons that Sanchez could go either way. The thing to remember about both of these guys is that they are young and have time to reach the potential we keep talking about. But, in what role?
  • From there, we bring in Adam Hayre. He’s the Co-Owner of KinMove and a kinesiologist with a focus on athletic therapy. He works with folks both young and old on everything from weight loss to injury rehab. So, we thought we’d bring him in to discuss the knee injury to Michael Saunders, the recovery process and the outlook for the 2016 season. Adam had some interesting things to say and helped us feel better about this season.
  • To wrap up, we took a couple reader questions, one was serious, the other not so much. It’ll be up to you to decide which one is which. One is about a free agent pitcher, while the other is a bout burgers. Though, saying that doesn’t help you figure out which is the joke.


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Shaun Doyle

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