Jays Nest Podcast Ep 62: Blue Jays Risk Tolerance

Jays From the Couch brings you Episode 62 of the Jays Nest Podcast where we look at the Toronto Blue Jays management’s tolerance for risk thus far.


Episode 62 of the Jays Nest Podcast brings you a look at the winter the Toronto Blue Jays had through the eye of Mark Shapiro’s comment on “risk tolerance”. When the new president took over in Toronto, he said that he’d have a different tolerance for risk than he’d had in the past. We assess the moves the club has made and decide whether his comments hold up. Did the Blue Jays operate by throwing caution to the wind? How much risk was involved in the deals they made? We also dug into the comment Jose Bautista made regarding his contract situation.



The Jays’ Nest Podcast- Talking Toronto Blue Jays – Jays Nest #62- Blue Jays’ Risk Tolerance

In This Week’s Episode:

  • We break down the comments Jose Bautista made about his contract negotiations…rather the lack of negotiations. He’s given the club his demands, it is up to them to meet them.
  • In signing Marco Estrada to 2 yrs, the Blue Jays were betting on him repeating his 2015 success and not being the pitcher we thought they got in return for Adam Lind.
  • In signing J.A. Happ, the club was banking on the changes he made at the end of last season to stick. Was it worth 3 yrs? Were either of these guys a risk at their AAV?
  • We look at the risk involved in trading Liam Hendriks for Jesse Chavez and Ben Revere for Drew Storen. We also touch on some of the more minor moves of the winter.
  • We took some reader questions and they were good! They wanted to know about ticket pricing, our 5yr plan and AL East rotational comparisons.


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