Blue Jays Focus on the Positive, Doing Good Deeds and Burritos

Toronto Blue Jays Keep Their Chins Up After a Rough Week, Fight MS and Plan Future Stops on the Road at Chipotle


We scoured social media to bring you the best the internet has to offer with this collection of Blue Jays Social Media Buzz.

It’s been a tough week in Toronto Blue Jays land. Rough outings in Boston and Baltimore led to the team record slipping to 8 -10 following a loss at home last night, injuries have cropped up and then, well, there’s that thing that happened yesterday.

The players know there’s work to be done, but also want to ensure fans understand the nature of a nearly nine-month season in which teams play 162 games – sometimes, there will be troughs. Marcus Stroman knows its no big deal:


And Roberto Osuna, riffing on his fan-selected theme song “Hakuna Matata,” instagrammed this message:


Don’t panic ! @russellmartin55 54/55 is a good combination. #6ix #canada ????

A photo posted by Roberto Osuna (@robertosuna54) on


While fans can rest easy knowing 54 and 55 are in control, #55 – aka Russell Martin – finally shed some light on that magical little dance everyone’s doing to celebrate the ace closer.


Doing the Most Good

Drew Storen is definitely a good guy on the mound – and this week he showed one of the ways he’s equally likable off the mound. T-shirt makers 108 Stitches launched their K-Cancer campaign for the year with Storen repping Toronto. The campaign, started by pitcher Jason Mott, helps raise funds for people directly impacted by cancer – or another disease, through the sale of some pretty cool t-shirts ($8 from each sale goes to the charity of the player’s choice and $2 goes to the Jason Mott Foundation). Storen is raising money for the ziMS Foundation – an organization founded by Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman to help fund research for a cure for multiple sclerosis.

Ts are available in men’s and women’s styles for $32 each.


Reppin’ the 6ix

There’s a lovely graphic sweeping across social media that got Josh Donaldson in a little hot water this week – at least with people who have no sense of humor. Prior to the April 19th game against Baltimore, he posted this tweet:


Then a while later he posted this:


Silliness! Lighten up folks!

The Jays know what it’s like to have an entire nation cheering for you in the playoffs – and they share the love with the Raptors as they look to break up their tied series with the Indiana Pacers today at 3 p.m. Marcus Stroman celebrated their win Thursday by doing post-game interviews in his Raptors jersey.


Stroman had another reason to celebrate on Thursday – he received what could possibly be the greatest gift ever bestowed upon a 20-something traveling athlete with the metabolism of a hummingbird – an exclusive lifetime Burrito Card from Chipotle.


In the Spotlight
Pitcher Marco Estrada talks pitches, velocity and all things pitching nerds geek out over with Fangraphs – personally, I’d read the article just because writer David Laurila uses the term Bugs Bunny-change-up.

That’s just a taste of some of the lighter moments in Blue Jays social media this week! Enjoy the weekend and #GoJaysGo!







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