LIVE Toronto Blue Jays Game Chat: Game 20

Jays From the Couch is proud to bring you our LIVE Toronto Blue Jays Game Chat where the Blue Jays look to win the series against the A’s.


Today is Josh Donaldson MVP Bobblehead Day and he will also receive his 2015 Silver Slugger Award AND his mom will throw out the first pitch!

It would appear that Ezequiel Carrera has shed a monkey from his back after a 4 for 4 day at the plate and a couple of fancy catches in LF. John Gibbons likes to reward stuff like that, so he’ll be in the lineup again today. The bats came alive yesterday, which has us all super excited about the possibility that they will get on a roll. They will look to do so today in an attempt to win the series against the A’s.

Taking the mound for the Blue Jays is Drew Hutchison, who has been called up to provide a bit of a break for the rest of the starters. With a good start from him, some may get excited and wonder if he’ll stay up with the big league club. That is doubtful. But, he should think of this as a chance to show that he’s improved.

The A’s will counter with Eric Surkamp, who went 5 2/3 innings against the Yankees in his last outing. He’s going to have to learn from Chris Bassitt‘s start yesterday. He’ll have to focus on movement and location to keep these Blue Jays bats quiet.



Feel free to participate in what should be great Blue Jays talk. Share your reactions, thoughts, etc in the chat space below!


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