The Blue Jays and Slow Start Syndrome

Jays From the Couch brings you a look at the Toronto Blue Jays performances in April and whether it is an indication of a successful season.


Sold out crowds started the Blue Jays season, fans old and new looking to recapture the excitement of last season. Even the promos for the team capitalized on this, with slogans like “history is now” and “our moment”. Old and new fans alike were expecting the Blue Jays to make quite a splash right out of the gate. So what happened?

While the Internet gets filled with those lamenting the recent string of Blue Jays losses, perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at what “history is now” really means when talking Blue Jays. What has happened in the past and is it part of our now?

Looking at the Toronto Blue Jays April record from the years 2010-2015 certainly gives clues as to whether or not fans should be worried about the how 2016 is going to turn out. Worry or not worry? The answer seems pretty obvious.

The year was 2010. The Toronto Blue Jays opened their season with an April record set at an even 12-12. The team’s season ended with a record of 85-77. That left them fourth place in the American League East.

In 2011, the Blue Jays had an April record of 13-14. With a start in April that had more losses than wins, they ended up with a record of 81-81, fourth place in their division.

2012 saw the Blue Jays having a winning (though barely) April record of 12-11. Though they maintained their place in fourth, the Blue Jays season record was a dismal 73-89.

Things weren’t much better in 2013 as the Blue Jays had a miserable April record of 10-17. They ended their season last place in their division with a record of 74-88.

In 2014, the Blue Jays continued with their April struggles, ending the month with a 12-15 record, though they did come back strong in May recording an impressive record of 21-9. The season ended with their record being 83-79, the first time since 2010 the wins outnumbered the losses.

The most important stat when talking about the slow start the Blue Jays have had so far in the 2016 season, is the look back at their record in April 2015. It was an unimpressive 11-12. Despite this slow start, the Blue Jays managed to capture the division title for the first time in 22 years.

If you look at the years where the Blue Jays did have a winning April, that didn’t always lead the team to the post season either. In the 1999, 2001 and 2005 seasons, the Blue Jays did have winning April numbers only to be denied the post season at the end of each of those years

Looking at the April starts, it is really easy to see that the first month of baseball does not give a window into a season. We are still at the “anything can happen” stage of the game. While no fan wants to go through a frustrating season where things don’t turn around until after the All Star break, there are so many more games that need to be played before that happens.

Always best to keep in perspective the truth that even a championship winning season sees losses in the 60-75 range and sometimes more. The time to give up on the post season is definitely not now…and looking at the list of April starts, believing in the 2016 team is really the only way to make it through to the end.







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