Blue Jays Stick With Plan, Send Aaron Sanchez to Minors


The Toronto Blue Jays stick with their long term plan to protect his arm and option SP, Aaron Sanchez to the minor leagues.



Believe it or not, our initial reactions to Blue Jays news often misses the mark with its accuracy. For example, when word broke that Aaron Sanchez would be sent to the minor leagues, many thought it was a reflection of his outing on Saturday night. You might recall that after breezing through 3 innings, the Indians scored 5 runs off Sanchez, thanks to a lack of timely defense. It would be easy to think that the club moved its plan to adjust the pitcher’s workload ahead and took his showing as a sign of fatigue.


But, in another example of why it is always best to wait on news like this, we find out that this move was in the works for a while now. Sanchez sat down with Sportsnet’s Barry Davis and set all our minds at ease. The club, and the pitcher have known for a while that this was coming. Davis was very proud to lead Sanchez into the explanation of why panic is not in order. The 24 yr old righty responded by saying:

“This has all been part of the plan since the time we sat down in Houston…By them already knowing I’m skipping a start, it gives them the opportunity to make this move.”

The Blue Jays are going to use this opportunity to allow Sanchez to stay a starter, but take a game off without missing a beat. He’ll head to Dunedin and workout until he returns shortly. He does not expect to see any game action while he’s gone, but could throw to live pitching. And, that is about all there is to this story.


But, what it does is highlight the value the club sees in Sanchez. We’ve been hearing for a long time that they would limit the number of innings the young stud threw. Then, when he was lighting up the league, they softened and said that they would continue to monitor him. Then his innings started to pile up. They brought in Francisco Liriano to add a starter to the mix and go to a 6-man rotation. All of this was done with protecting Sanchez in mind. Now, rather than move him to the bullpen, as originally planned, they have seen how valuable he can be as a starter. So, they’ll keep him in that role, but cut back on his workload.


The treatment of Sanchez should signal just how much the organization believes in him. He has definitely become “The Sanchize”. A lot of effort has gone into protecting his future. When others in the pitching staff, namely the bullpen, have struggled, management has been quick to send them down, skip them or trade them. So, it would be easy to see the club reacting to his latest outing in the same manner. But, it is obvious that nothing could be further from the truth. They have been trying all along to protect their asset.


And, what an asset it has been. In 24 starts, Sanchez has compiled a 12-2 record and a .857 winning percentage, which leads the league. In 156 innings, he’s struck out 132. In the past, many have questioned his ability to go through a lineup more than once. Well, he silenced that by lasting long into games- 6.5 innings, on average. Some even had him on the outside of some Cy Young discussions.


Sanchez has developed into the starter that we all hoped he would. The Blue Jays recognize that and are looking to protect it for the future. Sanchez will be a Blue Jay until 2021. 10 days without him now is nothing compared to the next 5 years with him.





*Featured Image Credit: Arturo Pardavila III UNDER CC BY-SA 2.0






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