Toronto Blue Jays Clinch Wild Card Spot! Will Face Orioles


The Toronto Blue Jays are headed to the postseason for the second straight year, even if it isn’t how we’d like.



The Toronto Blue Jays have clinched a Wild Card spot thanks to a 2-1 victory against the Red Sox. They will fly home and play the Wild Card game on Tuesday against the Baltimore Orioles.


We all woke up Sunday morning, grabbed a big cup of coffee and checked in on our Blue Jays. The start to the day featured a lot of potential scenarios for the AL Wild Card. Depending on whether the Detroit Tigers won or lost, the Blue Jays lost, the Orioles lost or the groundhog saw his shadow, the 2 available spots would be filled in different ways. It was quite helpful when Arden Zwelling tweeted the following chart.


It was all a little confusing for first thing in the morning. But, to simplify things, the Blue Jays needed to win. Period. And, they did. Aaron Sanchez took a no-hitter into the 7th inning. He was every bit the starter they needed. The offense didn’t do much, but they didn’t need to with Sanchez rolling the way he did. The Red Sox threatened in the 9th as Roberto Osuna allowed 2 base runners, but he managed to slam that door shut and seal the Blue Jays 89th win of the season and their second straight postseason appearance.


The Baltimore Orioles will come into town after celebrating their own victory over the Yankees. It should be an interesting matchup for these two clubs. Both have powerful lineups and have played each other rather close all season. The unfortunate thing is that the outcome of this single game will dictate how far each goes in October. They’ve really only bought themselves one extra game.


For fans of the Toronto Blue Jays, this Wild Card berth has to be a bit of a disappointment. Last season, the club won the division handily and was on such a high note. This year, things looked to follow suit, but September rolled around and Canada’s team started a rather dramatic free fall in the standings. The games were more meaningful in September this year, for sure. But, the associated stress was not welcomed. It turns out, some of us can’t really handle meaningful September baseball.


Of course, the Wild Card position was created to provide more teams an opportunity to taste postseason glory. This year, the AL East will take up most of the playoff attention as 3 teams will compete. The Wild Card spot is one that some feel is a fabricated extra step before the real postseason starts. After all, a series gives both teams a better chance to compete. A one game playoff has so much riding on a game that can often come down to inches, or a fraction of a second. One game is not enough to decide a real postseason.


But, it is this Wild Card spot that allows the Blue Jays the opportunity to chase that World Series. Perhaps, taking 2 of 3 from the Red Sox and then winning the Wild Card is enough to propel them forward in a sport where momentum can be everything.




*Featured Image Credit: Arden Zwelling- Twitter






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