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Well, the Toronto Blue Jays didn’t mess with Texas, they swept ’em. Toronto will now head to the ALCS, where they have some unfinished business to conduct. After losing in 6 games to the Kansas City Royals, they and their fan base have been pining for this opportunity. With the country buzzing, there was lots written over the last couple of days. Here’s the latest from Blue Jays Land:


*Marcus Stroman was in a very pleasant mood after his team sweeping the Rangers out of town. He generously gave a pair of his cleats to rapper, Drake after Game 3. Nikara Johns of Footwear News brought us the details. The shoes were written on, though, so Drake probably won’t be able to wear them out anywhere. Stroman left this message: “The Boy, Just trying to carry the wave for the 6!” While it is awesome to see Stroman embrace the city of Toronto and identify himself with Drake, all we really feel after reading this story is a tad old and out of touch. One has to appreciate what Air Jordan 4 Player Exclusives are to really get what is going on here.


*Maybe someone who could use a gift like this is Rougned Odor. He could benefit from a little ‘pick me up’ after flubbing the double play that gave the Blue Jays the win. Gare Joyce of Sportsnet tells us that the Rangers slugger (as in one who punches) was pretty down on himself after the loss. Odor explains the error as ‘pulling the ball a little bit’. He hung on to it just a bit longer than he should have. When asked if he should have held on to the ball and settled with just the one out at second, he said that if he had made a good throw, it would have been a double play. Teammate, Elvis Andrus supported his second baseman by saying that they win and lose as a team, which he would have to say considering it was him who committed error after error last season to give the Blue Jays the series win.


*At the Dallas Daily News, we hear that Odor will use this experience to learn, just like Andrus did the year before. Evan Grant let’s us in on the Rangers side of things a bit as he describes the infielder’s state of mind heading into Game 3. Apparently, he was worked up. Says Grant: “Odor seemed to be a bit over anxious for much of the first two games. From the moment Game 2 ended until he took the field Sunday, he seemed to pulse with frustration and energy, ready to let loose on something.” To his credit, he did as he homered in Game 3. But, the bigger issue is, perhaps…just maybe, the club should look into the player’s emotional health. It’s too bad that Adrian Beltre is retiring, because he could have a positive influence on Odor. Though, if he hasn’t already…


*Over at The Sporting News, Ryan Fagan writes that the Blue Jays look to be AL favorites. If we set aside the fact that it is entertaining how American coverage has suddenly discovered that the Blue Jays are a good team, again…for the second year in a row, it is an interesting thought. Just a couple of weeks ago, some of us had resigned ourselves to the fact that this club may not even make the playoffs, let alone go deep into them. Fagan says that this year’s success is what makes the Blue Jays better than the 2015 version. It is the pitching and defense that this club runs out there that just might take them all the way this year. And, with this starting rotation, he could be right. Grant Brisbee at SB Nation agrees, saying this Blue Jays team is downright frightening.


Around the League

*Over at Pirates Breakdown, our fiend, Jason Rollison takes a look at the latest installment of the relationship between the Pittsburgh Pirates and Gerrit Cole. It seems that there will be no extension for the pitcher, nor will the club buy out any arbitration years. Simply, they’re going to ride it out and see if they can get the most out of him over the next 3 yrs. It is an interesting study, if you are looking at what the Blue Jays could do with guys like Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez in the coming years.


*At Chin Music Baseball, Matt Musico offers up some teams he feels are under the most pressure to compete in 2017. After missing out on the playoffs this year, the Tampa Bay Rays, the aforementioned Pirates and the Seattle Mariners are among those mentioned. The Rays have a number of players who are nearing the infamous Tampa Bay decision making time, so what they do next season will be interesting. But, the most interesting team on this list might be the Arizona Diamondbacks. After making a splash for Zack Greinke and absolutely bombing this year, this club will have to do something. They’ve already parted ways with Dave Stewart, who is happy about that. Keep an eye on them this winter.


*Over at Mets Hot Corner, Freddy Vasquez closes the books on another Mets season. They were bounced in the NL Wild Card game, despite getting a gem from former Blue Jay, Noah Syndergaard. Thor’s efforts weren’t enough as the Mets lost to the Giants. But, as Basquez points out, the fact that the Mets made it as far as they did is somewhat of a miracle in and of itself. But, the real reason I bring up Mets Hot Corner is because they were eyeing some Blue Jays property the other night:


Don’t worry, I told them to back off.









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