Toronto Blue Jays Social Media Buzz: Rally Edition


The Toronto Blue Jays look to rally back against Cleveland tonight at Rogers Centre and they’re looking to all of Canada to lift them up.

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We scoured social media to bring you the best the Internet has to offer in this collection of Toronto Blue Jays Social Media Buzz.


Okay, the first two games of the ALCS didn’t go the Blue Jays’ way. But the team is back in the 6ix, the Dome promises to be packed full of fans doing their part, and the team is primed and ready to go. This is not a team that goes gently into this dark night – and their quiet, but confident presence on social media proves that.


They say that leadership starts from the top. No one says it better than Gibby.

Counting down the time ‘til tomorrow night… #OurMoment

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And while this is an old quote – there’s a reason one of those veterans, catcher Russell Martin, has it pinned on his Twitter:


Tonight’s starting pitcher is ready:


And Mama Stro is in the HOUSE to lift her boy up!


And if his demeanor on Instagram is any indication, well, he’s not letting anything shake him…

Back in the 6. #TO (?: @trevorgodinho)

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Josh Donaldson found humor with one of the many many cartoons featured online and in print about the series…

Jose Bautista is rocking some new custom mouth-guards for the series, and for anyone who has wondered what he’s playing with in his mouth out there, well, here’s an up close view. I don’t presume to know his position on lucky charms, superstitions, etc., but hey…

New series, new guards…thanks @guardlab #breastcancerawareness #ALCS #mlb #mouthguard

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The Blue Jays know that the team has an X-Factor on their side, the fans, and they’re counting on them to carry the team out of the hole they’re in and get them back on top of the series.

In the Spotlight

If you need a few things to pass the time util the game tonight, check out Jason Grilli’s recent article for The Players’ Tribune, talking about his first Canadian Thanksgiving and the things he’s thankful for:


And if you love the abstract and intersection between sports and music, the art of catching and just fantastic writing and analysis (okay, I’m gushing just a bit here), check out Joanna Cornish’s article on Russell Martin. She also uses the phrase “pitch-framing erotica,” which just makes it a winner winner chicken dinner in my book.

And while we’re talking about specialties and music and missed this article back in April – it’s a fascinating dissection of Troy Tulowitzki’s performance by another athlete, a professional ballerina to be exact:

Alright, Jays fans, if you’re heading to the Rogers Centre tonight, be safe, be appropriate and be LOUD! If you’re watching from home, be sure to follow us on the socials and tweet us your thoughts during the game. Game time is 8 p.m. #GoJaysGo #OurMoment






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