Toronto Blue Jays Poll: Win Now, or…?


With rumors of the Toronto Blue Jays’ interest in Andrew McCutchen, we poll our readers: You comfortable mortgaging the future to win now?



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So, the Toronto Blue Jays look to be close to doing “something” soon, according to Stephen Brunt, who was on Sportsnet 960 The Fan in Calgary on Tuesday. All of this, of course passed on by Ian Hunter over at Blue Jay Hunter, so a hearty “Thank you” to him for the relay. And, what that something is could be anyone’s guess. But, one idea that has been floated before, and doesn’t seem to want to go away is the idea of trading for Pirates OF, Andrew McCutchen. But, it won’t come cheap:



Yikes! In any trade talks this winter, we knew that it would cost a rather significant chunk of Toronto’s prospect capital. Names like Anthony Alford, Sean Reid-Foley, Conner Greene, and even Rowdy Tellez were among the names we knew would have to be included in any deal of substance. And, some folks would be willing to part with a couple of those names if it means winning in 2017. But this one is a bit jarring.


Vlad Guerrero Jr is living up to the hype and his family name thus far as a teenager. In his age 17 year, he played for the Bluefield Blue Jays and fit in just fine, thank you very much, hitting .271/.359/.449 with 8 HR. Almost more impressive were his 33 walks to 35 strike outs. And, by all accounts, he handled the task of third base nicely as well. With all due respect to Rowdy Tellez, Vlad Jr just might be the most exciting prospect the Blue Jays have had in a few years.


So, you can see why a club like the Pirates would be interested in him. At just 17, he has grabbed attention. And, here in lies the problem. He’s just 17. If the cost of bringing in a proven veteran like McCutchen is a kid who is still years away from making even the slightest impact on the big league club, do you do it? Do you try to win now? Remember that Toronto has a number of “aging” stars that have created this somewhat fictitious ‘window of contention’. If they are going to win while the likes of Josh Donaldson, Troy Tulowitzki and Russell Martin are producing, shouldn’t the club pull out all the stops to do so?


And, that is the ultimate question when it comes to running a major league team. So, we’re passing on the pressure to you, our readers. Do you go for it now and hand over the ransom for McCutchen (or another such name) knowing full well that it may not even be enough to lead to a championship? Do you save that prospect capital for a summer push? Or, do you turn away from that flags flying forever mentality and cling tightly to a prospect that could very well turn into a star in their own right?


So, have at it. Take our poll. Do you give up the likes of Vlad Jr for the likes of Andrew McCutchen?







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