Toronto Blue Jays & Jose Bautista: Together Again!


Multiple reports have the Toronto Blue Jays nearing a deal to reunite Jose Bautist and a fan base starving for a winner





It appears that all of our hand wringing may be able to take a break, at least for a little while. The Toronto Blue Jays look to have come to their sense and make the only move that makes sense for them at this point in January. They look to be nearing a deal to bring Jose Bautista back to the franchise he helped shape.




One could make the argument that Bautista has been the poster bot of the recent success this club has seen; its first taste since WAMCO brought back to back championships north. He has slugged his way up the HR leaderboard and embodied a Toronto vs the World attitude as he fired laser after laser over the left field wall.


The Blue Jays are in need of an everyday outfielder who can hit. It is actually that simple for them. Despite the group of outfielders they have likely being a defensive upgrade over what was in place last season, what Bautista lacks in fielding acumen, he more than makes up for with his bat. His declining range, etc in right field is something the club will likely ignore (at least for a little while) in favor of the 30+ HR power and the amazing eye at the plate that will lead to a high on base percentage.


His bat in the lineup that features Josh Donaldson, Troy Tulowitzki, Russell Martin, and now Kendrys Morales and Steve Pearce has the ability to be rather dangerous. Bautista is a guy who bridges the gap between straightup power and setting the table. It should be fun to watch. It will be especially so if he plays with the chip on his shoulder that we know he is likely to have.


On Ep104 of the Jays Nest Podcast, which was recorded just hours before all of this broke, Keegan brought up a great point about Bautista having a monster season after suffering through a few months of watching the league pass him by over and over again. As Keegan mentioned, when you come up and in on Bautista, he gets angry and hits one out. Well, the whole league has just come up and in on him this winter, which means his 2017 season has the potential to be rather huge.


The details of the deal have not been worked out as of yet and there is no indication of the length of this impending deal. We do know that the Blue Jays would be missing out on the draft pick attached to him should another team sign Bautista. Perhaps, the Blue Jays are overlooking any significant amount the draft pick would have in favor of trying to win in 2017. Draft picks are nice, and could end up to produce a solid major leaguer down the road, but they are a tough sell to a fan base who has already watched Edwin Encarnacion depart through odd circumstances and is feeling their competitive window slip shut.


While the details remain to be seen, and the myriad of hit takes to follow remain to be written, for right now, we can just sit back and bask in the return of Jose Bautista:











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