Toronto Blue Jays’ Prospect Showcase Interview: Pitcher, Conner Greene


Jays From the Couch Interview with Toronto Blue Jays’ pitching prospect, Conner Greene. Courtesy of the Buffalo Bisons’ Prospect Showcase.



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This past weekend the Toronto Blue Jays organization put together a wonderful treat for their fans in Buffalo, NY. In a joint effort with the Buffalo Bisons the event on January 24th, was held at the Adam’s Mark Hotel in downtown Buffalo.


The Prospect Showcase gave fans from Northern New York, and some from Southern Ontario a chance to meet, get photos and autographs with some of the organization’s top prospects. Some of whom may spend a portion of the 2017 season playing for the Bisons at beautiful Coca-Cola Field.


Luckily, we here at Jays From the Couch were granted access to the event, and able to secure some excellent interviews with a few players, as well as the Bisons’ General Manager, Michael Buczkowski. Please check in later this week for the details of his talk with our Catherine Stem.


Our focus for this article, another great interview by Ms. Stem, is Blue Jays prospect Conner Greene. AUDIO AT END OF POST! Greene, a native of Santa Monica, California, was the organization’s 7th round draft pick back in 2013. During his three seasons with the Blue Jays the 6’4″ right-hander has seen his stock rise with each promotion within the organization.


Currently he is listed as the #10 Blue Jays prospect by MLB Pipeline, and #4 with the highly respected Baseball America publication.


With Greene finishing each of the last two seasons with Double-A New Hampshire, it is not unreasonable to determine he could start the 2017 season with the Fisher Cats. Should his progression remain steady a trip to Triple-A Buffalo, and perhaps a Toronto September call-up could be warranted. But, for now it’s best to focus on what he needs to accomplish to be successful at his current level.


JFTC –  Where do you see yourself starting this year?

CG – Not sure, still have to let the Blue Jays complete their plan for me. Their wish I think is the right choice, so whatever they choose is fine. I am just going to keep working hard, and hopefully doing well.



JFTC – Has your training changed at all this offseason to get ready for this season? Have you tweaked anything different?

CG – I have completely moved into Florida, and Aaron Sanchez has taken me under his wing. I am blessed to have him in my corner, and just being such a friend. But, I see it as learning things from him, and learning things from other players such as Happ, and some other guys at the complex.


JFTC – He did some amazing things in his offseason last year right?

CG – Yes, exactly. I am the similar body type where I need to gain weight. So we are on the same kind of eating program and weight gain program. I think I am doing pretty well, I am up 11-12 pounds already. So, I am going to just keep it going until next month.  


JFTC – If you start in Buffalo this season, how daunting is it that it’s only an hour and forty up to the big show.

CG – After just seeing the stadium it’s, honestly, I am really eager to just continue moving up. It is such a beautiful city up there , and the stadium, I can almost feel the energy by standing in there. It’s beautiful.  But, it [Buffalo] is a nice place here too. It’s the goal and it’s another part of the process. Part of my journey. The amazing part is, I think each step is beautiful in it’s own way. I love each step and I love the fans everywhere.  


The fact that the Blue Jays are known as Canada’s team, and is supported country-wide, is not lost on the young pitcher. He seemed to be very aware of how large the fanbase can be.


JFTC – What did you think about the whole usage of the bullpen in the postseason this year? Was it a game changer or are [organizations] going to keep doing what they normally do?

CG – I don’t really know, or comment, or have an opinion on their decisions on that. If I could help as a starter, or help as a bullpen guy, I am willing to.


Despite answering questions on his ability to pitch his way to Toronto, the easy going prospect wasn’t too shy to joke about swinging the lumber, should be the team require it of him.

CG – I mean, if they need a power-hitting first baseman, I mean I could even be available for them. So, whatever, I’ll help them anyway I can.  


JFTC – Do you think it could be a philosophy [Baseball teams] could start working on?

CG – Potentially, I don’t know. The guys that run it are a lot smarter than me in the baseball world so I think they know what they’re doing. Cleveland has a dominant staff, and they’re a championship team, clearly. So, whatever they’re doing, they’re doing pretty right. 


Personally, the biggest takeaway from this interview was his current workout partner being Aaron Sanchez. If there is any one person within the organization who would perfectly understand what is required to help Greene reach his physical goals as a pitcher, it would be Sanchez. Here’s to hoping Greene can find the same type of success with this new routine.



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