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Jays From the Couch provides you with a look into the highs and lows of 2017 Toronto Blue Jays ticket prices.


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With the season fast approaching it might be time to consider the financials. No, not the team payroll, not the FA budget, a different sort of financial look. It’s called the fan financials. Just what is it going to cost to be a Toronto Blue Jays fan this season?


TickPick just released an MLB ticket cost comparison. In it, we see where the Blue Jays are at in comparison to other MLB teams and it was encouraging for those not looking to break the bank when going to games. The Blue Jays are ranked the fifth most affordable ticket in the MLB this season, with the average ticket coming in at $48.32. This is above the most affordable ticket, the Chicago White Sox at an average of $30.26, and far below the most expensive ticket in the MLB. That honour (?) belongs to the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs, where the average ticket price is a whopping $150.63. Pretty sure Cubs fans aren’t feeling so lucky now.



A little known fact about ticket pricing is that the game and opponent matters more than most think. TickPick sent Jays From the Couch a chart that shows the 10 most expensive Blue Jays home games in 2017, and the results might surprise some fans. Neither the battle of the birds, meaning games against Blue Jays rival the Baltimore Orioles, nor the bench clearing games against either the Texas Rangers or the Kansas City Royals got a mention. It is all New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox, with a Brewer and a Tiger thrown in for colour. They were also kind enough to put together a chart for us that shows the cheapest games in 2017. Here’s a hint: early birds get worms.




Ticket prices still getting you down? Today the Blue Jays announced a new partnership with StubHub Canada, designating the company as the official fan-to-fan marketplace of the club. What does that mean exactly? It means BlueJays fans will be able to use the platform to buy, resell and purchase tickets safely and securely. It will also provide a pricing guideline for sellers, and a best value recommendation as well as a panoramic 360 degree virtual view-from-seats for buyers. It is an interesting move considering the bad press secondary ticket marketplaces have faced recently. Justin Hay, Vice President, Ticket Sales & Operations, Toronto Blue Jays, in a press release sent to Jays From the Couch explained,


“We want to provide a safe and convenient platform for Blue Jays fans to experience watching their favourite team live in-stadium. This partnership does just that. StubHub’s secure user-friendly digital platform will allow our fans to buy or sell tickets on the secondary ticket market using full integration into our ticketing system.”


The official word from StubHub’s Canadian General Manager Jeff Poirier is that by teaming up with Canada’s team, The Toronto Blue Jays, this is a huge step forward in expanding MLB club partnerships. “With this partnership and integration, Blue Jays fans will enjoy our trusted marketplace backed by our industry leading Fan Protect Guarantee as well as a ticket experience rooted in ease and innovation that offers a superior mobile ticketing platform.”


So what this partnership means for those going to see live games this year is relatively unclear. Hopefully it will keep resale tickets away from those looking to profit off of families looking for an affordable outing. As it stands now, the Blue Jays do have an affordable ticket in comparison to other teams across the MLB as well as when compared to Toronto’s other professional sports teams. Let’s face it, the $48.32 average ticket price is a far cry from the Toronto Maple Leafs. According to TicketCity.com Toronto’s NHL team has a average ticket price of $135. The average price for a Toronto Raptors ticket? For the 2016-2017 season that number sits at $60, which interestingly enough is a 71% increase from last season.


The Blue Jays are still out on top when it comes to a fun, family friendly sporting event in Toronto. With the tickets staying at a reasonable price and the ability to bring in snacks and sealed bottled water so the bank doesn’t come looking for you after nine-innings, it’s looking like the Rogers Centre is the place to be this summer! See you there….





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