A Review: The 2017 Toronto Blue Jays Minor League Handbook by Jay Blue


Jays From the Couch brings you a book review of the Toronto Blue Jays Minor League Handbook by Jays From Away




It’s been a hard go. A bad start. As the theories of just why this is happening make the rounds on social media, there is still the search for the positives. Good news Blue Jays fans, the 2017 Toronto Blue Jays Minor League Handbook by Jay Blue of Blue Jays From Away is here, and the positives abound. Everything you need to know about the Blue Jays farm system, teams and leagues as well as the info on all the positives that are coming up through the ranks at your fingertips.


This report however, is not just for the new fan of the game as a whole. Long time baseball fans who have been through the ebb and flow of the baseball gods, want to know the talent coming up. This knowledge has a way of easing fears of a team’s perceived demise, even in the darkest of times. Information on Vlad Guerrero Jr is certain to cheer any Blue Jays fan up these days.


Laid out with the bulk of the report being player profiles – almost 280 which can be supplemented for further photos and videos – there is also an overview of the 2016 draft and reviews of the season for each of the Blue Jays affiliates. The 2017 Blue Jays Minor League Report makes getting up to speed relatively easy, with the ability to narrow in on certain players, and appendices for quick reference.


The introduction is a good mix for both new fans and old, with both an explanation of stats used as well as the reason for the use of one stat over another. Interesting perspective, to have an idea about the thought process, and to understand the lens under which the report was written. There is however, more to the introduction than the introduction. It has a plethora of information ranging from stat sources to how to view games, a glossary of sorts – a glossary is provided as an appendix – and information about accessing the premium content section of Blue Jays From Away, which includes photo and video content.


Appreciated are the game schedules included in the report, along with team website info, directions and parking, a great thing to have when planning an MiLB road trip, but missing are the pictures. Yes, the explanation of having the report available easily on multiple platforms is plausible and accepted. Yes, there is a way to access pictures and videos provided. It doesn’t, however negate the impact the absence of photos can have on an increasingly visual society. A player photo with their write ups is always a good thing.


A favourite appendix? The positional depth charts created by Jay Blue. A quick glance gives you who the Blue Jays have at each position and where they are in the system. Information that definitely becomes useful when trying to understand the big club moves and the impact it has throughout the farm.


All in all, the 2017 Blue Jays Minor League Handbook is a must have for those who are looking to learn more and keep up with a much wider circle of everything Blue Jays. Thoughtfully written and well put together, it is definitely worth grabbing a copy. You can order yours today at the Blue Jays From Away shop.




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